Campus Facilities

New Life Campus:

The New Life campus comprises several different buildings. Below is a quick overview of each of the facilities used daily by students, faculty, and administration.

Church Offices:

The New Life Church offices are located adjacent to the pond.

Church Auditorium:

The large beige structure on your left as you enter the circle drive that resembles “a barn.” This is the New Life auditorium  used for chapels, assemblies, and meetings.

Elementary Building:

The large red brick structure facing you as you enter the circle drive houses a preschool classroom and grades K-5. The administrative offices are located on the ground floor.

Middle School Buildings:

Grades 6-8 use classrooms in the north end of the gymnasium and in the portables for their core academic classes. The high school and middle school use the Science Lab located in the gymnasium building.

High School Building:

This structure is the only building on the right as you enter the circle drive. It contains six classrooms and a locker bay area for grades 9-12.


The gymnasium is located behind the main school building. It includes the middle school’s educational wing and also houses our regulation high school gymnasium with locker rooms, PE offices, and concession stand.

Athletic Field:

Adjacent to the gym, this field serves as a recess area for elementary classes and a soccer field for both middle school and varsity teams.

Computer Lab:

Located behind the main school building is our technology lab. Students PreK4-12th grade use this lab for digital education which includes robotics, coding and STEM.

Modular Classrooms:

There are three modular buildings located adjacent to the soccer field which house the art and music programs, as well as the school library.