Student Assessment

As a school of excellence and Christian character, New Life Christian School seeks to enroll students of families that will support and encourage their student in our mission and philosophy. We challenge each student individually to strive toward his or her respective potential in academics, social interaction, communication, and spiritual life.

Upon the decision to accept a student, the following is expected of the student:

  1. Desires to be a student at New Life Christian School
  2. Completes homework/class work that is required and is prepared for class
  3. Shows success in the academic classroom
  4. Provides the right attitude for positive growth in all areas
  5. Shows positive emotional growth
  6. Shows positive spiritual growth
  7. Develops a servant’s heart for assisting one another

There may be differences in each home about the interpretation of God’s commands, rules, and expectations. Nevertheless, we require that all students respect and follow (and all parents agree to and support) the New Life Christian School CODE OF STUDENT CONDUCT found in the New Life Handbook.