Student Leadership


As we work toward our goal of developing Christian World Changers, opportunities to grow in leadership begins in students’ early years at NLCS.  We characterize leadership at NLCS by service with a joyful heart. Our student leaders at NLCS follow Jesus’ example to love others as He loves us. Through loving God, loving others, pursuing excellence, choosing joy, honoring one another and working together, we cultivate a ripple effect throughout our community. We aim to be a catalyst of love. Our highly trained Christian staff and faculty nurture students’ hearts and minds by  building meaningful relationships and connections.

Leadership Development Opportunities

Student Council

The NLCS Student Council is comprised of high school students who see unlimited potential at NLCS. These students work diligently with their staff advisor, Anita Glover, Director of Student Life, to plan events such as homecoming and prom.


Weekly chapel is an opportunity for students to encounter Christ, pray for one another and serve as worship leaders.


The NLCS Athletics Program is designed to develop the individual leadership of the student-athlete, by providing opportunities to grow in peer leadership. This occurs significantly with student-athletes who are selected to serve as team captains. Everyone has a role, whether they are a starter, support player, or manager. Operating within their role, to the best of their ability, is the most effective way to develop leadership qualities. Coaches work closely with students to encourage leadership within our biblical worldview and the values of the NLCS community.


IMPACT is a dynamic faith-based school program designed to foster school spirit, teamwork, healthy competition among students at NLCS. Through a series of engaging team-building activities and games, IMPACT aims to not only strengthen interpersonal relationships but also promote personal growth, leadership skills and deep connection with Christ. As students participate and collaborate, they accumulate points in a friendly competition that adds an extra layer of excitement to their educational journey.  High School IMPACT is held off campus at Skycroft Conference Center and 11th and 12th graders spend two nights at this amazing retreat center.

National Honors Society

Our National Honor Society (NHS) is a prestigious organization in the United States that recognizes and celebrates high school students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Membership in the NHS is highly selective and is often considered a mark of academic and personal achievement. Inducted students are expected to uphold the core values of New Life Christian School and actively engage in service projects and leadership roles within their school and community.

Life Groups

Middle and high school students participate in life groups during chapel sessions, where they are grouped with peers from various grades (6th-8th and 9th-12th)under the guidance of a staff member advisor. These gatherings provide a unique platform for open discussions about Jesus and the exploration of spiritual teachings. Engaging in these sessions not only fosters a deeper understanding of faith but also cultivates valuable leadership skills, strengthens trust among peers, and enhances overall connections within the school community.

Student Ambassadors

As prospective students visit our school as a “Ram For A Day,” our Ram Ambassadors, current students at the school, play a pivotal role in guiding them through their shadow day. These ambassadors personally escort new students to classes, facilitating meaningful interactions and helping them acclimate to the school environment. This initiative not only provides an excellent chance for newcomers to forge connections with their peers but also showcases the leadership qualities of our Ram Ambassadors within the vibrant school community.

Classroom Jobs

Classroom jobs for elementary and preschool students are crucial as they instill a sense of responsibility and ownership, fostering a positive work ethic from an early age. These roles empower students by allowing them to contribute to the classroom community, promoting a sense of belonging and teamwork. Additionally, assigning specific tasks helps develop essential life skills, such as organization and cooperation, setting a foundation for future academic and personal success.


Our middle and high school offer a multitude of club opportunities, and we actively support students in establishing their own clubs under the mentorship of a dedicated staff advisor. This approach empowers students to pursue their unique interests and passions, fostering a vibrant and diverse extracurricular landscape within our school community.