All our academic programs at New Life Christian School are rooted in a God-centered worldview, implemented by qualified Christian faculty members, and founded on the truth of God’s Word, the Bible. All our course offerings are carefully structured to provide students with the fundamental skills needed to progress successfully through increasingly more complex and rigorous work.

We use the TerraNova series of standardized tests to gain insight into each child’s academic strengths and weaknesses from kindergarten through high school. This index measures student achievement in mathematics, spelling, vocabulary, social studies, reading, science and language arts. The test also provides parents and educators with an annual snapshot of the student’s academic progress and identifies areas of improvement.


Fine Arts

Our Fine Arts program is designed to give students K-12 an opportunity to learn skills that can be used to express their common faith, biblical worldview, and unique talents in school and in the community. Individual classes incorporate Scripture and related discussion to connect course content with the attributes of God or other Godly principles. Fine Arts course offerings include:

  • Visual Arts — Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and Studio Art.
  • Performing Arts — Drama and Theatre Arts
  • Music — Vocal Performance and Worship Team


This year-long course is designed to expose age-appropriate students to various types and styles of communication, including:

  • Theory — Students will learn and apply knowledge about communication theories, characteristics of language, usage, interpersonal relationships, speech analysis, and critique.
  • Journalistic Writing — Explores contemporary media and the ethical responsibilities incumbent on the press. Students learn the fundamentals of news, feature, editorial and sports writing, stressing copy reading, news style, and editing.
  • Public Speaking — Students will explore specific types of speeches such as narrative, informative, persuasive, devotional, and sermons.

Technology Education

Our Technology Education program is designed to give students a sampling of courses that provide insight and experience into disciplines outside of traditional academics. These courses add diversity and value to students’ transcripts as they prepare to enter college. Offerings include:

  • Accounting — Principles covered include the bookkeeping cycle, debit/credit theory, financial statements, use of various journals and ledgers, worksheets, accounts receivable and payable, and payroll systems.
  • Culinary Art — An elective for juniors and seniors, this class teaches basic cooking skills and technique through kitchen demonstrations and field trips. ($50 lab fee.)
  • Industrial Arts — Students will become familiar with various home and car repair situations and learn how to address them safely in a controlled environment.
  • Computer Literacy — Offered to high school students, this introductory class teaches the effective use of technology to research, organize, create and evaluate information, including the use of word processing, spreadsheet, presentation software and the social and ethical issues related to Internet use, information and security.
  • Computer Science — A more advanced class for students in Grades 10-12, this course provides an introduction to computer architecture, networks, security, programming, and the Internet. Students use object-oriented programming, event-driven processes, modular computer programming, and data manipulation algorithms to produce finished software programs. (Prerequisite: Algebra 1)