The mission of New Life Christian School is to develop Christian World Changers who are rooted in faith, committed to service, and dedicated to academic excellence. 

OUR PURPOSE  is to provide a sound, academic education integrated with a Christian view of God and His world.

WE ARE COMMITTED to a strong evangelical approach, as free as possible from doctrinal distinctions that would cause division. We want to prepare children to serve the Lord wherever He may lead them, in whatever capacity, throughout their lives. Therefore, we are committed to high academic standards, support for the authority of the parents, and respect for the ministry, leadership and distinct character of the student’s own church family.

OUR CURRICULUM is rooted in a God-centered worldview, implemented by qualified Christian faculty members, and founded on the truth of God’s Word, the Bible. We consider it our responsibility to augment and extend the Godly training you begin in the home by:

Guiding each student toward a personal commitment to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

Giving the student an understanding of the Bible, presenting all subject matter in the light of God’s Word.

Providing a sound academic education in appropriate content areas, emphasizing basic skills, excellent study habits, and creative and critical thinking.

Teaching the essentials of effective Christian citizenship.

Celebrating differences in ethnicity, language, and national origin.

Encouraging attitudes of love and compassion toward and respect for all people.

Developing Biblical ethics and Christian standards of morality.

Textbook Publishers:

New Life Christian School is committed to serving our students with excellent educational materials that support our teachers as a tool for educational excellence, and which reinforce a biblical world view.

BJU Press


Purposeful Design

Savvas Learning

International Students

International Student Acceptance:
New Life Christian School is certified by the United States federal government to accept international students. New Life Christian School’s International Student Program is dedicated to providing quality Christian education to non-immigrant students from other countries. New Life is able to issue the Form I-20 to help international students receive a proper visa (F-1) to enter the United States to study.

Families who wish to enroll their children in our International Student program should call our Director of Admissions, Bridget Stone, at 301-663-8418 or contact her via email at with any questions.

Courses for Homeschoolers

Course Supplementation Program

Although we do not provide full curriculums or issue diplomas to students being educated at home, New Life Christian School opens its doors for homeschooling families to take advantage of its course offerings at the middle and high school levels. Homeschooling families can supplement their educational programs at home with up to three New Life classes per year, per child. The program also welcomes homeschooling families and students to participate in course-related field trips, school programs, activities and athletics. (Students must take three courses to participate).

Homeschooling Supplemental Program Application and Course Enrollment Process

Homeschooling families must complete an application and submit a pastor’s recommendation.