Developing Christian World Changers

Our little ones make a big impact! Kindergarten is an exciting time of developmental changes in your child.  We are blessed with the opportunity to partner with parents in cultivating spiritual strengths, academic perseverance and Godly character.

Isaiah 60:22 “The least of you will become a thousand, the smallest a mighty nation. I am the LORD; in its time I will do this swiftly. ‘ God loves to take a little and make something great out of it. The little we may have can be greatly multiplied when placed in His hands.”

Our highly qualified teachers implement a balance of play, age-appropriate technology, and Christian character development into their daily lessons. Bible, weekly chapel, music, art, Spanish, and physical education are some of our kiddo’s favorites!

Kindergarten Highlights:

✔️ Learning through play encourages a high-level of engagement at every level of ability. Our experienced teachers facilitate a balanced environment where students are able achieve their personal best.

✔️ Experiential learning provides rich opportunities for deeper connection with educational content.

✔️ Our 23 acre campus includes several large playgrounds and an outdoor learning center to encourage exploration and connection with the nature that God made.

✔️ Our campus boasts a state of the art gymnasium, and professional size athletic field.

✔️ Enrichment classes such as Spanish, music, physical education, library, computer, and art,  are taught with a biblical world-view. We teach students to celebrate differences, to love their bodies, to engage in song and and art in Jesus’ name and to use literacy skills to glorify God.

✔️ Academic Support Services are available to meet various learning needs. Our highly qualified teachers and staff work diligently to create learning environments where all students can access the curriculum. Our staff are well-versed in differentiated learning as well as neurodiversity and how it affects learning.


Ready for Kindergarten:

New Life looks for a level of physical, emotional, social, and behavioral readiness before placing your child in a formal, academic environment. Determining readiness ensures that a child is prepared to reach his or her academic learning potential at an early age.

To enroll in Kindergarten at New Life Christian School in Frederick, MD, students must have reached the age of 5 by September 1st of the upcoming school year.


New Life administers the Developmental Task for Kindergarten Readiness (DTKR-II) to determine the readiness of incoming Kindergarten students. This assessment involves close observation of a child’s physical, emotional, social, and behavioral maturity, and ultimately determines whether the child is prepared for school.

The assessment is administered by trained, certified staff members at New Life Christian School. Upon receiving the results, a family is either offered admission or is encouraged to have their child assessed again at a later date.


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